Art direction & design for Grooveshark's digital media platform.


Grooveshark, one of the pioneering digital music streaming products of its time, relied on its completely customizable and web-responsive advertising platform for revenue. I worked as an Art Director on a young and growing team for all direct-sale custom media campaigns. As our sales increased, so did the Digital Media Team along with my responsibilities.  I lead design and development on a creative production schedule that grew to about 300 custom takeovers per year, and I made sure we were always on target to communicate and deliver fresh ideas and quality creative to clients. 

We worked closely and coordinated with teams from major advertising agencies and record labels (domestic and international), such as Razorfish, Populace, Digitas, Deutsch Inc., Mad Decent, and many more. With them, we were able to design custom site takeovers and music-integrated concepts for brands such as HBO, MSN, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Dunkin' Donuts, Victoria's Secret, Nike, Adidas—just to name a few.




On Valentine's Day, Samsung and Grooveshark partnered up and invited people to express their love with a "note" and a tune. The Love Note campaign leveraged Grooveshark's music service and social platforms to engage users and encourage sharing Love Notes across the web. We designed and hosted several units throughout the site, including the Homepage, an exclusive Valentine's Day Playlist Hub, a custom Love Note drawing unit, and several social components.